01 SB Residence South Townsville New Residential 260 2021 Design


02 LD Residence Granite Vale New Residential 390 2021 Design


03 RK Residence South Townsville New Residential 645 2021 Design


04 SH Residence Bowen Residential Alterations and Additions 203 2021 Design


05 SK Residence Castle Hill Residential Alterations and Additions 2021 Design


06 CA Residence West End Residential Alterations and Additions 248 2020 Construction


07 AW Residence Nome Residential Alterations and Additions 413 2020 Design


08 BV Residence Kelso Residential Alterations and Additions 433 2020 Design


09 TR Residence Castle Hill New Residential 354 2020 Design


TR Residence

Castle Hill

Project Details

Project Type: New Residential

Location: Castle Hill

Size: 354

Year: 2020

Stage: Design

A new two-storey family home to be built on a steep sloping site overlooking North Ward and Cleveland Bay with views to Magnetic Island and the Cape.  With an opportunity to maximise the beautiful sea views, the design opens up to the easterly breezes.  Heavyweight and lightweight structural systems were combined to tackle the cyclonic wind category.  The upper living floor level aligns with the street providing seamless access.  The lower, bedroom level, fits in with the natural contours of the site.